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The Power of Simplicity.
S3 Logistics was founded on the powerful premise of bringing Simplified Shipping Solutions to users of freight transportation services. As the field of logistics becomes ever more complex Ė thousands of carriers to choose from, ever-changing pricing programs, mind-numbing contractual terms, convoluted claims procedures, and confusing web sites Ė shippers and receivers of freight will seek out logistics partners who can bring order and clarity to the chaos. At S3 Logistics, thatís what we excel at. We simplify life for our customers by doing away with contracts and most of the other unnecessary red tape. We deal with, so you donít have to. We simplify by providing you with an incredibly easy-to-use web portal that instantly suggests the best carrier for their shipment based on service and our very competitive prices, and makes it simple to look up the status of your shipment. But thatís just the start of how we make your job easier. And our mission is simple, too: We want you to be delighted, not just satisfied, with our services.
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